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Making connections

Firstly an apology for the pause in news. Those of you on Facebook will have seen news appear regardless. However, the Facebook group allows several people to contribute whereas on here it is the Webmaster and if he gets busy with the day job (helping organisations buy trains) then updating here gets pushed down the list. This does mean that this news post is a bumper edition.

With Christmas just around the corner, if you are stuck for a last minute present, then do head over to the Didcot Railway Centre shop. Or if your loved one has a house full of stuff already, then why not donate to the project in their name? Perhaps New Year's resolutions are your thing and you want to volunteer? Head over to the Ways to Help page to see how.

Work has continued apace at Didcot and our suppliers with the loco looking more complete every week. There has been considerable progress made in assembling the outside motion. We now have coupling rods, crossheads, one connecting rod and the vacuum pump fitted. Next step is the left handside connecting rod. Work is also progressing on the cladding and the tender with both getting closer to completion.

And finally, shortly after last post, the County was used in a demonstration in the Lifting Shop at the end of September, resulting in some stunning pictures including this one by Frank Dumbleton which really demonstrates one of the benefits of the full length frames standardised by Hawksworth.

We would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas, and we look forward to the New Year with more Hawksworth County news to come!

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