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Dave Hill Photographs

These photos were kindly sent to us by Dave Hill. Dave was a prolific trainspotter in the 1960s and saw all of the 10xx Counties. At the bottom of the page is his County spotters log from the 1960s.

All images on this page are © Copyright Dave Hill and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

1000 4642 Pontypool Rd 16.06.63.jpg

1000 County of Middlesex at Pontypool Rd accompanied by Pannier tanks. 16.06.63

1001 Newport Cashmores 03.10.64.jpg

1001 County of Bucks in the scrap line at Newport Cashmores 03.10.64

1005 County of Devon Snowhill 09.03.63.j

1005 County of Devon at Birmingham Snowhill 09.03.63

1006 84E Tyseley 13.07.63.jpg

1006 County of Cornwall stands on shed at Tyseley 13.07.63

1006 Reading 10.08.63.jpg

1006 County of Cornwall in need of gland packing is seen at Reading 10.08.63

1008,5986,4917,4972,4956 Westbury 26.04.

1008 County of Cardigan minus its smokebox plate is seen at Westbury along with 5986, 4917, 4972, and 4956. 26.04.64

1009 Shrewsbury.jpg

A rather grainy image of 1009 County of Carmarthen at Shrewsbury

1010  County of Caernarvon Snowhill 24.1

1010 County of Caernarvon at Birmingham Snowhill with a troop train 24.11.62

1010 87B Duffryn Yard 24.03.63.jpg

Another view of 1010, this time at 87B Duffryn Yard. 24.03.63

1011 82B St Phillips Marsh 18.08.63.jpg

1011 County of Chester coaled up at 82B St Phillips Marsh. 18.08.63

1011 82C Swindon 22.11.64.jpg

1011 County of Chester is seen this time at 82C Swindon; note the lines of a Western in the background. 22.11.64

1011 88A Cardiff East Dock 12.07.64.jpg

1011 County of Chester is seen at 88A Cardiff East Dock 12.07.64

1011 County of Chester Snowhill 06.07.63

1011 County of Chester is this time seen at Birmingham Snowhill. 06.07.63

1011 County of Chester   Snowhill 29.08.
1011 County of Chester Snowhill 29.08.64
1011 County of Chester Snowhill 29.08.64

A sequence of three images of the photogenic 1011 County of Chester   again at Birmingham Snowhill. 29.08.64

1013 Shrewsbury 26.07.63 (DPH).jpg

A cracking shot of 1013 County of Dorset at Shrewsbury 26.07.63

1013 County of Dorset Tyseley 29.09.62 (

1013 County of Dorset passing Tyseley with a goods train on 29.09.62

1014 County of Glamorgan Snowhill 22.06.

1014 County of Glamorgan at Birmingham Snowhill 22.06.63

1021 St. Phillips M 18.08.63 (DPH).jpg
1021 82B St Phillips Marsh 26.04.64 (DPH

Two views of 1021 County of Montgomery at 82B St Phillips Marsh, the upper on 18.08.63 and the lower on 26.04.64, sadly by then minus its nameplates

1021 & 5059   Moreton-on-Lugg 31.07.61 (

An evocative shot of the Great Western Main Line with 1021 County of Montgomery piloting 5059 originally Powis Castle but renamed Earl St. Aldwyn in 1937, seen here passing Moreton-on-Lugg on 31.07.61

1024 Wolverhampton Works 16.12.62 (DPH).

We finish with this rather sad view of work worn 1024 County of Pembroke in for repair at Wolverhampton Works. From the looks of things it has been towed to the Works for repair as the connecting rod is on the running plate chained to the nameplate and roped to the boiler, presumably with the other one in a similar position on the other side. 16.12.62

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