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our suppliers & SUPPORTERs


The Project offers its grateful thanks to the following for their help and generosity in providing illustrative materials:

John Benson

Stuart Black

Richard Blenkinsop 

David Bradshaw

Mike Cooper

Richard Croucher

Amyas Crump

Frank Dumbleton

Chris Hawkins - Irwell Press Ltd. 

Dave Hill


John Hodges

Chris Hoskin

Dennis Brynley Howells MBE

Felicity Jones – STEAM GWR Museum Swindon

Robin Leleux 

Brian Morrison
Terry Nicholls

Dave Owen CME at Llangollen Railway Engineering
Robin Patrick
Mike Peart 
Richard Postill 

Mike Rudge
Graham Stacey – LCGB Ken Nunn Collection
The Late Paul Strong
Ron Thomas 
Transport Treasury
Laurence Waters – G.W.S. Trust.
Ron White – Colour-Rail
Paul Chancellor - 
M. Whitehouse


In Memoriam
This list is dedicated to the memory of those volunteer members of the County Set who helped take the Project forward at Didcot Railway Centre, but were destined not to see the Project reach fruition.

Geoff GORE 
Iain Stewart McDONALD
Peter RICH 
Robert FRY
Michael COOPER 


May they rest in peace.

1943 - 2012

1991 - 2010

1941 - 2014

1946 - 2015 

1947 - 2016

1934 - 2017


We rely heavily on contractors and suppliers who understand our needs and can meet our quality requirements, often dealing with historical material specifications . 

It is these suppliers, some very small one or two man operations, who contribute so much to what we do and to whom we offer our thanks.

We publish below all those businesses that have helped and advised us in the hope that other projects will be able to utilise this list and take advantage of the excellent UK engineering services we have received.  

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