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John Benson Photographs

These photos were kindly sent to us by Dave Hill who is in the process of scanning John's photos. 

All images on this page are © Copyright John Benson / Dave Hill and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

1002 Banbury 04.05.63 2526 (JB).jpg

1002 County of Berks at Banbury 04.05.63

1003 Wellington 29.01.58 W4-4-01 (JB).jp

1003 County of Wilts at Wellington 29.01.58

1014 Carmarthen 28.02.63 2447 (JB).jpg

"Our " loco, 1014 County of Glamorgan on shed at Carmarthen 28.02.63

1014 Carmarthen 28.02.63 2442 (JB).jpg

Another view of 1014 on shed at Carmarthen; note the Hymek arrived in the background. 28.02.63

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