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A Thousand Words

It's often been said that a picture paints a thousand words. We sometimes get picture sent in, often with a story behind them; please do keep sending them - we love them.

Dave Clemo sent this picture in with the following description:

My father worked on the railway all his life. In the 1950s he was a fireman based at Penzance. He was given this picture by the photographer, having fired the loco on the Royal Duchy train a few days earlier.

Not sure where the picture was taken. I was told it was up the line from Hayle station. The loco still had a single chimney which dates it to about 1955. At that time there was only one loco allocated to 83G, 1018 County of Leicester. Was this it?

This is a lovely period photo and despite the damage is worth a good meander around its detail. With a bit of manipulation of the photo to read the smokebox door number I'd say we are 90% certain this is indeed 1018.

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