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Flat pack

Some great news just in. Dicky Boast visited Richard Goodman Engineering Works in Nottingham yesterday to inspect the parts for our tender tank. We looked at the option of getting the tank built, either complete or with the sump removed and then transporting it into Didcot.

As most of you know, DIdcot is a rail-locked site and anything large has to come in across the mainline. The Railway Centre has wagons it uses for such moves but it is difficult to move items of such magnitude as a complete 4000gal tender tank. We did investigate the possibility of borrowing a container flat or container pocket wagon from our big railway friends. The tank on a low container flat would fit under the wires so it was an option. In the end we decided that the lowest risk was to bring it in as a flat pack of parts ready cut to profile for assembly on-site.

One item of interest is the dome which has been spun and to which four other loco orders have been piggybacked.

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