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Launch Weekend Progress

This weekend saw another working party on the County, coinciding with the launch of the Saint, Lady of Legend. It will be fantastic when we are able to line up the first production series 2 cylinder 4-6-0 (Lady series of the Saints) with the last - the County.

In these latest photos hot off the pigeon from Didcot we see Chris and Ian fitting the vacuum tank between the frames of the locomotive.

Parallel to this, work has been continuing on the Pooley mobile workshop van - one of the vans converted from a V12 Mink for use by Henry Pooley & Co in their work calibrating the weighbridges on the GW system.

Here LaDonna and James are fitting one of the newly constructed doors.

A history of the vehicle can be found here, and a lovely period picture of one at Birmingham Moor Street can be found on the excellent Warwickshire Railways website, here.

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