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More tendering

Latest news update from the coalface:

A quiet day Saturday. We were going to install the tender vacuum cylinder but we noticed it had a damaged pipe fitting. We had to take to bottom off, clamp it down and we managed to get it off with a 2' Stillson and 4' tube. [That's proper tight - Ed]

We eventually managed it and fitted a replacement but it was a bit late by then. I think we are going to remove the tender bottom plate and fit all the pipework before we fit the tank. There is not much room under there!

On Thursday our team leader went to DG Welding in Gloucester to look at them building our tender tank. They had just finished the H2 tank for the Bluebell Railway. We are adapting the drawings to make assembly easier. In order to understand assembly more, some of our team enjoyed the comforts of the inside of the tender of Burton Agnes Hall. Challenging! [As a fitter I know once said, its best to evolve yourself not to fit into such places!]

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