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News all the way

Happy New Year to all our readers. Thank you for your support to date and we look forward to you continuing to support us through to completion of this important locomotive!

News has been a bit slow appearing on here but that doesn't mean nothing has been happening. A recent summary is as follows:

  1. The saddle is now fully in place.

  2. The contract has been awarded to the Great Central Railway for the machining of the crossheads

  3. The completion of the inside motion has been contracted to Tyseley Railway Works

  4. The two existing pistons and rods have been inspected and are fit for purpose

  5. Once the complete set of drawings has been produced for the tender tank the contract for manufacturing it can be placed and the plate purchased.

  6. The boiler has now started to be joined up.

So this year looks like it will be an exciting time for the project. Updates will continue to appear on here and on our Facebook group here.

Next job on my (webmaster's) list is another visit to my local museum (the NRM) to dig through their County drawings.

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