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Post Christmas Exercise

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Always in need of working off all that lovely Christmas pudding, our dedicated team got together between Christmas and New Year to do some more small, but essential, tasks.

One area that has been required is the connecting rod design. Having the opportunity to do so, the centre line of the cylinder and where it strikes the crankpin was checked, which means the design of the connecting rod can be confirmed. Of course, this being a Great Western locomotive, we follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and use laser alignment, a technique using light which was being developed by the Great Western Railway when many other railways were using bits of string.

In other news, the safety valve bonnet which was procured from the estate of a vicar in Northamptonshire some years ago has been unearthed by our friends across the workshop, the Saint team, and has been given a new coat of paint (never fear - to the top feed covers only!)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters over the last year and look forward to your continued support in 2019 where we should see some real noticeable progress on this amazing project.

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1 Comment

David Bradshaw
David Bradshaw
Jan 12, 2019

The smokebox, front and rear rings and the saddle are almost finished. Should be avaiable for delivery at the end of January. The rear ring will go to HBSS who will start work on marking out the barrels preparatory to rivetting together next week. The front tubeplate has also been ordered, with delivery to HBSS at the end of February.

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