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Press and progress

Our latest press release to the media reads as follows:

Following a recent visit to Goodman’s of Nottingham the 1014 Project team were delighted to see the newly completed smokebox and saddle for 1014 County of Glamorgan - see attached photos and the part completed front tubeplate. Agreement was reached on what is required to complete the door furniture for the smokebox door, the outer and inner components having already been completed. The saddle will be moved to Didcot shortly for trial fitting and the smokebox will follow once the door has been assembled and fitted. Following this the face of the locomotive will be recreated by mounting the smokebox on the saddle with the addition of a 1014 front numberplate an 82A shedcode, a SC symbol below and of course the double chimney from 1006 County of Cornwall mounted on top.

Hot off the press, (sorry!) are these pictures from Didcot showing the work continuing apace.

(Left) Ed Meakes heating rivets ready to fit them in the tender buffer beam.

(Middle) Gary Davies drilling a hole ready to fit the fixing bolt in the vacuum tank piston.

(Right) Mike Sawers cleaning up the weld on the front running plate support.

1014 County of Glamorgan project relies on your donations and time to bring Hawksworth's defining locomotive to life. If you are interested please visit the Ways to help page to see how to get in touch.

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