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The County Class

Pictures of the Hawksworth Counties at work will be added here as they are received or uncovered from the archives. 

New: Photos by Dave Hill

New: Photos by John Benson

1017 County of Hereford at speed (T.E. Williams)

1023 County of Oxford at Swindon with (probably) 5353 Churchward 43xx Mogul behind (T.E. Williams)

1013 County of Dorset at Swindon in front of 5036 Lyonshall Castle, which made a brief guest appearance in The Titfield Thunderbolt, with Churchward 43xx Mogul 5335 in the background. (T.E. Williams)

1010 County of Caernarvon piloting an unidentified Hall class (T.E.Williams)

1014 County of Glamorgan piloting an unidentified North British Type 4 (Class 41) A1A-A1A diesel-hydraulic locomotive (T.E.Williams)

An unidentified County class locomotive (smokebox numberplate possibly ending in 4 making it 1004 County of Somerset, 1014 County of Glamorgan, or 1024 County of Pembroke)  (T.E.Williams)

1004 County of Somerset  (T.E.Williams)

A classic view of 1004 County of Somerset on shed with 5062 Earl of Shaftesbury (originally Tenby Castle, it was renamed in November 1937)  (T.E.Williams)

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